Willowstick at Canadian Dam Association (CDA) 2015 Conference

Willowstick Technologies is participating at the Canadian Dam Association's annual conference. This year's conference is being held this year on October 3-8 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The conference program includes the core aspects of dam management and dam safety for both large dams and large dam owners; and for owners of small dams and small owners of dams. Willowstick is both a critical tool for diagnosing potential dam safety seepage issues but also a valuable tool for managing a dam by being able to provide non-intrusive diagnostics as to the seepage related health of the dam.  Our clients are using Willowstick as part of their asset management program.  

Stop by and visit with us to learn how Willowstick can help you know the health of your dam as well as identify any seepage issues your dam may be experiencing.