Willowstick maps and tracks preferential subsurface water flow paths.  We give you unprecedented insight into hydrogeologic conditions. Eliminate guesswork with accurate and detailed maps and models

Save time and money

Use Willowstick to target your work.  Bring projects in under budget and ahead of schedule. Avoid unnecessary remediation efforts.  The savings in time and budgets are often multiple times the cost of the Willowstick investigation.

Manage you assets

Perform regularly scheduled surveys of dams, canals, and levees to understand the health of the structure and how conditions change over time.

Improve your site model

Improve your model of any given site with increased data density.  Perform a Willowstick survey to gain a snapshot in time as to how preferential flow is occurring at the site.  Know where to place additional monitoring wells.  Eliminate recurring nightmare scenarios and unsolved problems.

Get results

Whether mapping leaks through dams and canals, identifying leaks out from landfills or through liners or even mapping how a contaminant is migrating away from a source, we help you understand how water connects in the subsurface.

Willowstick's non-intrusive technology saves clients time and money.

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