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Technology to Find Seepage Flow Paths in Tailings Impoundments

September 7, 2017

Willowstick Technologies invites you to participate in our upcoming webinar on using technology to map seepage paths in tailings impoundments.


Tailings impoundments continue to undergo failures at an unacceptably high rate, and these failures are often the result of a combination of design, construction and operations actions that are controlled by humans. The consequences of failure range from loss of life, to environmental damage, and much more. It's necessary that the mining industry strive for zero failures of tailings facilities, and any technology and information that enables an owner of a tailings impoundment to better understand its condition and thereby reduce the risk of failure is of tremendous value to reliable tailings and mine water management.

The Willowstick technology has been successfully used to identify water flow paths through, under and around tailings impoundments in plan and elevation at mining sites around the world. Together with tailings impoundment expert, Cecil Urlich, we will discuss the following during the webinar:

  • The importance of properly understanding groundwater flow in, through and around tailings impoundments

  • How to reduce the risk of impoundment failure

  • The science behind the Willowstick technology

  • The various mining-specific applications of the technology

  • Case studies of successful applications of the technology at mines around the world

Technology for Mapping Seepage Flow Paths at Dams

Willowstick Technologies is pleased to invite you to participate in this webinar to learn more about Willowstick and our technology to map seepage flow paths at Dams. Willowstick uses well-known principles of physics and hydrogeology to identify and characterize preferential water flow paths. Our patented instruments measure changes in the intensity of the magnetic field, and we analyze the magnetic field data using our proprietary software. This information will provide the exact location of any preferential flow paths passing through, under or around dams.

WILD™—The Willowstick Instrument for Leak Detection

Over the past 12 years, Willowstick Technologies has developed and patented technology to track, model and predict groundwater flow paths. WILD™ is a product that uses this same technology to pinpoint the exact location and volume of water exfiltration and/or infiltration through pipelines and tunnels. For more information please download the PDFs below, and email us at info@willowstick.com with any questions.


Ten Lessons Learned from a Decade of Groundwater Mapping

Val Kofoed PE, President and COO, at Willowstick Technologies and Mike Jessop, Chief Geophysicist, at Willowstick Technologies, will present ten lessons they've learned using technology to identify and characterize preferential groundwater flow paths. Mr. Kofoed has over 30 years of groundwater experience across the mining, environmental, dams and oil and gas industries. Mr. Jessop has over 10 years experience at Willowstick. He specializes in 3D modeling of groundwater flow paths.


Introduction to the Willowstick Technology (in Portuguese)

In this webinar we introduce Willowstick’s patented technology, explain some of the fundamental scientific principles, how a typical survey is set up and ideal applications of the technology. We also talk through a case study where we identified a preferential flow path passing through a leaking dam.