Mapping Subsurface Water Connection Paths

The Willowstick method, also known as AquaTrack, uses a low voltage, low amperage, alternating electrical current to directly energize the groundwater by way of electrodes placed down wells or in contact with seeps or leaks. Since groundwater is typically a better conductor of electrical current than the surrounding rocks or earthen materials, the electric current follows the water bearing features that help to complete the circuit between the two electrodes. This electric current, same as all electric currents, generates a magnetic field.  This magnetic field is then measured and recorded at the surface of the ground using very sensitive instruments.

Like an MRI before surgery.
— VAL KOFOED President

Survey data is normalized to show relative highs and lows. These are referred to as anomalies that represent areas of different physical conditions. In the simplest terms, the Willowstick method identifies the preferential connection paths present in the area of investigation. Willowstick has proven effective in mapping and modeling subsurface water systems for over 130 clients in a wide variety of applications.