Willowstick partners with reputable companies around the world to increase our global footprint and technological capabilities. We work with great distributors throughout South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia to best serve the needs of each local market. If you're interested in partnership or becoming an official Willowstick Distributor, please send an email to Jud Kennedy at jkennedy@willowstick.com. The following is a list of our current distributors and partners.


Atkins has been involved with Willowstick Technologies for nearly 10 years. The relationship has matured to the point that Atkins and Willowstick Technologies have signed a formal partnership for the UK, parts of Europe and Africa. Atkins has trained staff and technicians to use the Willowstick instruments and other equipment necessary to undertake surveys and to conduct asset management surveys on specific portfolios of water-related assets.

Contact information: Dr Andy Hughes Andy.Hughes@atkinsglobal.com or Mr Paul Potter Paul.Potter@atkinsglobal.com

Willowstick do Brasil (WSDB)

WSDB has entered into a partnership with Willowstick Technologies wherein they are able to resell Willowstick Instruments, provide mapping and modeling services, and train clients in Brazil and other selected countries in South America.

Contact information: Mr Paulo Augusto Zanardi paulo.zanardi@willowstick.com.br or Mr Paulo Augusto Zanardi Jr paulo.junior@willowstick.com.br



Dajak and the companies it represents provide technical solutions to the challenges faced by the environmental consulting community. Dajak has been a partner with Willowstick Technologies for the past five years. Dajak has intimate knowledge of site characterization and remediation technologies, their appropriate applicability and their advantages and limitations. Our customers include national and regional consulting firms and federal and state governments.

Contact information: Mr. Mark Kluger (302) 655-6651 office or (302) 494-6050 cell, mkluger@dajak.com


Dynamic Measurements, LLC (DML) applies patented, proprietary analysis of lightning strike data to map sub-surface geology. Our mapping is complementary to that provided by Willowstick in that our mapping begins at the depth near the limit of the depth provided by Willowstick. This Natural Source Electromagnetic (NSEM) data provides numerous cost and process advantages over traditional sources, such as 3D Seismic. The data is available globally, does not require permitting or deploying assets or crews. We are able to map areas from one square mile to thousands of square miles.

Contact information: Kathy Haggar (225) 953-1076

HydraMetrix is a leading entity for monitoring seepage and water optimization on water resources. Mining industry in Chile is continuously growing at a fast pace and the need for innovative solutions is a constant preoccupation for HydraMetrix. Water resources and a sustainable development is a need for the great copper mines in Chile who have experienced a continuous growth in the mineral production rates in the last 30 years. The fact that industrial processes could be improved via HydraMetrix solutions makes this integrations even more attractive as it results in hard savings for the mine owners. Using Willowstick Technologies to track the water path and the trace monitoring system becomes an extension of the operation system for the whole mining complex.

Contact information: Arturo Fahrenkrog Arturo@hydrametrix.cl


Metrix Colombia

Company dedicated to consulting services in geology, mining and the environment. We develop professional activity with qualified and trained personnel, through appropriate technologies, continuous improvement strategies, professional ethics, compliance with safety standards and in harmony with the environment, to meet the needs of our customers.

Contact information: Arturo Fahrenkrog

email: arturo@geomediciones.cl

Address: Carrera 73 numero 30C-5

Medellin, Colombia

Phone +57 (4) 444 22 30

Metrix Peru SAC

Company dedicated to the Geotechnical Instrumentation for civil works, developing innovative products and services of the forefront technology for demanding markets, being competitive in service and quality. We also provide soil exploration services in a comprehensive and confidential way to all of our customers, giving added value by giving relevant information about what happens under the ground, valuable information for all industrial operations.

Contact information: Arturo Fahrenkrog

email: arturo@geomediciones.cl

C&H, Inc.


C&H, Inc is a provider of ground water mapping, modeling and treatment services in Korea. The company has been continiously dedicated to improving this field for South Korean companies since 1995. Willowstick and C&H have closed a formal partnership wherein C&H will have access to the Willowstick Mapping Instrument and other Willowstick modeling and predicting algorithms in order to undertake subsurface water characterization and remediations in South Korea. Willowstick will provide their instruments and the training required for successful adoption by C&H. Also, C&H, Inc. and Willowstick will collaborate to expand the reach and breadth of Willowstick technology.

Contact information: Nashon Seungyup Roh, Ph.D., CTO +82.2.501.3869

1505 (Building of Hwanghwa), 320, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06252, Korea


TerraSond is a leader in precision geospatial and geoscientific solutions providing professional survey and inspection with photogrammetric and geophysical mapping and imaging services, in both terrestrial and marine environments, safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. TerraSond has offices in Alaska, Washington, Texas, Mexico, Brazil, and Equatorial Guinea. In our 20 years of service we have been called on to do work throughout the world, and in every aspect of hydrographic, land, and aerial surveys and inspections.