Willowstick's technology can be explained simply as, the best way to identify, map and model groundwater flow paths. But, we understand that for many, a more detailed description is important. For an in-depth explanation of the Willowstick technology, download our latest White Paper by clicking below. 


Willowstick Technologies was founded in 2004 and the company has completed over 275 groundwater characterization projects all over the world. The technology is specifically designed for mapping groundwater flow paths. To find out more about how the technology works and what’s unique about Willowstick, download the overview paper below.


WILDTM—The Willowstick Instrument for Leak Detection
Over the past 12 years, Willowstick Technologies has developed and patented technology to track, model and predict groundwater flow paths. WILDTM is a product that uses this same technology to pinpoint the exact location and volume of water exfiltration and/or infiltration through pipelines and tunnels. For more information please download the PDFs below, and email us at info@willowstick.com with any questions.

Smiley face   WILDTM—The WillowstickTM Instrument for Leak Detection

Smiley face   WILDTM-C—Leak Detection for Conductive Pipes

Traditional Willowstick investigations are used to locate, model and predict subsurface water flow paths and patterns in three dimensions. Willowstick Compare effectively adds a fourth dimension by considering what happens to the study area over time. For more information click the link below.


Ten Lessons Learned from a Decade of Groundwater Mapping
Val Kofoed PE, President and COO, at Willowstick Technologies and Mike Jessop, Chief Geophysicist, at Willowstick Technologies, will present ten lessons they've learned using technology to identify and characterize preferential groundwater flow paths. Mr. Kofoed has over 30 years of groundwater experience across the mining, environmental, dams and oil and gas industries. Mr. Jessop has over 10 years experience at Willowstick. He specializes in 3D modeling of groundwater flow paths.

Smiley face   Ten Lessons Learned from a Decade of Groundwater Mapping

Introduction to the Willowstick Technology (in Portuguese)
In this webinar we introduce Willowstick’s patented technology, explain some of the fundamental scientific principles, how a typical survey is set up and ideal applications of the technology. We also talk through a case study where we identified a preferential flow path passing through a leaking dam.

Smiley face  Introduction to the Willowstick Technology (in Portuguese)

Finding Leaks in Tunnels Using The Willowstick Intrument for Leak Detection (WILDTM )
This webinar introduces Willowstick Technologies and their new product The Willowstick Instrument for Leak Detection (WILDTM). We present a case study showing how Willowstick, and their partner Hibbard Inshore, identified 11 leak locations within a headrace tunnel located in Central America using an ROV and WILD. We also show how the survey was set up, the collected data, and the final leak locations. Once the leak locations were identified by WILD, Hibbard was able to verify the results using camera, sonar, and dye injections.

Smiley face   Finding Leaks in Tunnels Using The Willowstick Intrument for Leak Detection (WILDTM )