Willowstick partners with reputable companies around the world to increase our global footprint and technological capabilities. We work with great distributors throughout South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia to best serve the needs of each local market. If you're interested in partnership or becoming an official Willowstick Distributor, please send an email to Jud Kennedy at jkennedy@willowstick.com. The following is a list of our current distributors.



Willowstick uk


Leakage Surveys Ltd, T/A Willowstick UK, have over 35 years’ experience in the study, design, inspection and project management of water supply and flood alleviation schemes, asset management, risk studies, risk assessment and reservoir safety works. Led by Professor Andy Hughes, our team of Engineering experts provides world-leading solutions and advice in an array of markets including, water and environment, groundwater, dams, tailings dams, canals, environmental pollution, deep excavations, tunnels, hydro power, the nuclear sector and the mining sector.  

The team have been involved in numerous highly successful Willowstick projects over the last decade in all corners of the globe and our reputation and client feedback speaks for itself. Work has been carried out in many countries England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, and Austria. Case histories, client references, and information to prove the results obtained can be made available.

For more information please contact:

Prof Andy Hughes


T: 0044 (0) 7341 338092


Flexible Water Control Solutions: Rubber Dams From Yooil

Willowstick Technologies and YOOIL Engineering have partnered to bring our patented technology to the South Korean market. YOOIL is the exclusive distributor for Willowstick Technologies in South Korea, working on projects at dams, mines and more. YOOIL was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in South Korea. In addition to offering the Willowstick technology, Yooil Engineering designs and builds rubber dams and has compelted more than 200 projects around the world. If you are looking for more information on Willowstick in Korea, please contact:

Dr. Jae Lee



HydraMetrix is a leading entity for monitoring seepage and water optimization on water resources. Mining industry in Chile is continuously growing at a fast pace and the need for innovative solutions is a constant preoccupation for HydraMetrix. Water resources and a sustainable development is a need for the great copper mines in Chile who have experienced a continuous growth in the mineral production rates in the last 30 years. The fact that industrial processes could be improved via HydraMetrix solutions makes this integrations even more attractive as it results in hard savings for the mine owners. Using Willowstick Technologies to track the water path and the trace monitoring system becomes an extension of the operation system for the whole mining complex.

Contact information: Arturo Fahrenkrog Arturo@hydrametrix.cl


Metrix Colombia

Company dedicated to consulting services in geology, mining and the environment. We develop professional activity with qualified and trained personnel, through appropriate technologies, continuous improvement strategies, professional ethics, compliance with safety standards and in harmony with the environment, to meet the needs of our customers.

Contact information: Arturo Fahrenkrog

email: arturo@geomediciones.cl

Address: Carrera 73 numero 30C-5

Medellin, Colombia

Phone +57 (4) 444 22 30

Metrix Peru SAC

Company dedicated to the Geotechnical Instrumentation for civil works, developing innovative products and services of the forefront technology for demanding markets, being competitive in service and quality. We also provide soil exploration services in a comprehensive and confidential way to all of our customers, giving added value by giving relevant information about what happens under the ground, valuable information for all industrial operations.

Contact information: Arturo Fahrenkrog

email: arturo@geomediciones.cl

Geowaterconsult S.A.

Geowaterconsult S.A. is based in the city of Panama, and is made up of: Hydrogeologists, Geologists Engineers and Civil Engineers.

GeoWaterConsult is a new company in the field of Hydrogeology, Geology and Civil Engineering, dedicated to the consultancy of projects of groundwater exploitation, environmental projects, design, interventory and construction of hydraulic systems that include water transport to free flow, Pipes and different works of protection, control and management of floods. 

Contact information: Pedro Salinas (Spanish)

email: psalinas@yahoo.com

Mallorie Salinas (English)

email: malloriejsalinasb@gmail.com

phone: +507 69828445

Consorcio JASA 

Mauricio Salvatierra and Rafael Jaramillo are the official Willowstick distributors in Ecuador. They have several years of experience in Engineering and Infrastructure. For any questions or possible Willowstick projects in Ecuador please contact Maurico msalvatierra@salvatierra.com.ec or Rafael rjaramillo@ogo.ec.

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