2016 ICOLD Conference in South Africa

Willowstick Technologies had the opportunity to attend the 2016 ICOLD conference located in Johannesburg South Africa.  In conjunction with the conference, Willowstick was able to do a demonstration project at a nearby dam.  First, a presentation was given about the dam, and the results of the project.  The dam has been seeping for several years.  Originally it was suspected that the seepage was coming from the abutment.  However, after the Willowstick investigation and 3D modeling of the data preferential flow paths were shown to pass below the outlet pipe.  The bedrock below the outlet pipe was damaged due to dynamite blasting used to install the pipe.

 After the presentations, two separate tours were given of the dam with over 100 people in each tour.  The tour participants were able to see exactly how the survey was completed with the Willowstick instruments, power supply, circuit wire, electrodes and field crew.  Participants were also able to see the dam, where the seepage was manifested on the surface, and where Willowstick identified the preferential flow paths.